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The Art Playroom was founded by Abstract artist Benz Amataya Kuipers. Benz is a self taught artist who discovered her love for painting after attending an Expressive Painting class at Open Studio Project in Evanston. 

At Open Studio, she was encouraged to connect with her own creativity, to try any kind of art materials that felt right without any idea in mind. The most critical part of Open Studio Process is that everyone in the studio is treated equally as an artist and no one is allowed to comment on other artists' work. Everyone was there on their own journey.

Benz fell in love with the process of painting and decided to become a certified Process Art Facilitator with Open Studio Project. She has been making art and teaching Process Painting out of her home since then.


The Art Playroom is her latest and biggest project yet. She envisions bringing the nurturing experience she received at Open Studio Project to a much wider audience around the world.

Imagine a space where

Kids can create without fear of being judged.

Mistakes are encouraged.

All voices matter.

No piece of art is too insignificant.


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