Abstract Bundle

What's included

Abstract Kids 101

This course is included in our Abstract Bundle and is one of our foundation courses. The course includes 4 videos and a handbook. Artists will learn our unique three-step process to create Expressive Abstract Paintings.

Calming with Colors

This course is included in our Abstract bundle. It includes 6 videos. Artists will be exploring primary colors using repetitive mark making techniques. They will also be creating their own colors at the end of the class.

Everyday Abstract (30 days of Abstract Drawing)

This course is included in our Abstract bundle. It comes with 4 videos and a handbook to guide artists through 30 days of abstract drawing.

Abstract Bundle

This bundle includes 3 of The Art Playroom's foundation classes.
1) Abstract Kids 101 (4 videos + 1 handbook)
2) Everyday Abstract (4 videos +1 handbook)
3) Calming with Colors (6 videos)

Supplies needed:
For "Abstract Kids 101"
18"x24" watercolor paper
Acrylic paint (pick 12 colors)
12 paint cups
12 paint brushes

For "Everyday Abstract"
18"x24" watercolor paper
1 color of acrylic paint (your choice)

For "Calming with Colors"
9"x12" watercolor paper
Acrylic paint
Oil pastels

Appropriate for 5+ years old.